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Police rescued mother bear from septic tank

Police rescued mother bear from septic tank
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The police and the local fire brigade rescued a female bear from a septic tank in the village of Silvola in Kerimäki, near Savonlinna on Tuesday.
      A local farmer started emptying a septic tank on Monday, intending to continue the work on the following day. As a result the safety fence around the enclosure was left open. On the following morning an angry bear was seen shivering in the tank. Also tracks of bear cubs were seen near the tank.
      The open tank measured about four metres deep and eight metres in diameter, and it was half full.
According to the police, the bear was not at all happy about the arrival of the rescue workers. Nevertheless, the police and the fire brigade decided to help her out.
      Because no tranquilizer gun was available, and because none of the rescue workers volunteered to go swimming in the smelly tank to give the bear an injection (and quite possibly risk violent assault), another strategy had to be adopted.
      "The police had to fell a couple of young fir trees, which were then pushed into the tank, leaning down from the edge. Acting as expected, the bear swam to the poles, climbed up, and ran off into the forest", reported Inspector Jukka Kietäväinen from the Savonlinna police.

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  17.5.2006 - TODAY
 Police rescued mother bear from septic tank

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