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Police say Saari fired nearly 200 shots, spoke on phone during school shootings

No connection established yet between Saari and Auvinen

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Police have concluded the technical investigation at the scene of last week’s school killings in Kauhajoki. Jari Neulaniemi of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says that the suspect, Matti Saari probably fired nearly 200 shots during the shooting spree.
     After killing ten people, Saari apparently took his own life.
     Neulaniemi says that the shooter had several bullet clips with him.
     The case is being investigated as ten murders, and nine attempted murders.
     “Saari fired at the police and firefighters who arrived at the scene first. Three students managed to flee the classroom. In addition, the suspect shot at a school employee, and in questioning it has come out that he fired several shots at a teacher, but missed”, Neulaniemi says.
     One girl, who was injured in the attack, has not yet meen questioned.
Neulaniemi says that the suspect used his telephone during the shooting.
     “This came up in questioning, and was confirmed by telephone records.”
     He said that Saari’s telephone records will be examined from the time that the Jokela school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen was alive.
     Neulaniemi says that no connection between the two has yet been established. However, Saari’s computer is still under examination, and is expected to continue for several weeks.
The forensic autopsies of the victims were completed on Monday. Ismo Kopra of the victim identification unit of the NBI said that between one and 20 gunshot wounds were found in the victims.
     Kopra says that a single shot from the gun used by the shooter can be lethal. In a few days it will be determined if all of the victims actually died of the bullets, or if the fire that broke out may have caused any deaths.
Neulaniemi says that the school building, which suffered considerable fire damage, remains sealed off, because students’ personal effects are still inside.
     Students went back to school on Monday in temporary facilities.

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 Police say Saari fired nearly 200 shots, spoke on phone during school shootings

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