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Police waiting for information from Sweden on confessed killer

Man's details to be analysed in connection with unsolved murders in Finland

Police waiting for information from Sweden on confessed killer
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The National Bureau of Information, Finland’s central criminal police, are looking at the possibility that the 42-year-old Swedish man who has confessed to the murder of a 10-year-old girl in Central Sweden may have been active in Finland. Police wonder whether he may have been responsible for any unsolved crimes on the Finnish books.
      The NBI is now waiting for a reply from Swedish colleagues to a request for DNA samples, fingerprints, and background data on the man, who has also admitted killing a 31-year-old woman in Falun back in 2000.
If the Finnish appeal seems like a shot in the dark, the NBI is saying simply that it does not want to leave any leads unexplored.
      “We are doing this just in case. In order that we would not be in the position later of worrying whether we should have”, says Detective Superintendent Lars Henriksson, and he stresses that what is happening is a routine procedure.
      “We have also requested any information on whether the man [a truck driver] might have been in Finland for work, or whether he might have any other links to this country”, said Henriksson.
Henriksson would not be drawn on which specific capital crimes the man’s information would be compared with, in order not to raise any false hopes that long-cold cases might suddenly get a break.
      However, it is known that one case that interests police is the disappearance in the fall of 1999 of Raisa Räisänen from Tampere, since the incident has certain similarities with the actions the man has confessed to thus far.
      “It is always necessary to check out any possible Finnish leads. He has confessed to two murders in Sweden, so it is natural that he is a person of interest to us”, says Det. Insp. Paavo Tuominen from the NBI, who has been investigating the disappearance of Räisänen for years.
The case of the missing 10-year-old Engla Höglund, who vanished close to her home on April 6th, has gripped Sweden ever since.
      Her body was discovered on Sunday after the killer gave police details of the location.
      The local police in the Swedish province of Dalarna have been criticised for missing an earlier opportunity to apprehend the confessed killer, following an anonymous tip-off last November in connection with the investigation into the murder from 2000. The lead was never followed, and no samples of the man’s DNA were taken.
His arrest for the later crime was largely a matter of chance: photographs of Engla on her bicycle and of the man’s car taken within a minute of one another by a man trying out a new digital camera helped police to make the connection.
      The 42-year-old man has previous convictions for assault and sex offences.

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 Police waiting for information from Sweden on confessed killer

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