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Poll: Centre-SDP government overwhelming favourite

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A "red earth" coalition with the Centre Party and the Social Democrats as the main partners remains the overwhelming favourite foundation for a government to take office after Sunday's elections.
      A new poll commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat and conducted by Suomen Gallup shows increased popularity for red earth.
      The prospect of a centre-right government of the Centre Party and the National Coalition Party, or a "red-blue" government of the SDP and National Coalition Party have lost support. However, changes in support for the latter two are so small as to fall within the margin of error.
The March survey gives 43 per cent support for a Centre Party -SDP government, 24 per cent for a Centre - National Coalition Party government, and 16 per cent for an SDP - National Coalition Party government
      The red soil option was supported by a majority of supporters of the SDP, the Centre Party, and the Left Alliance, as well as half of supporters of the Greens.
The greatest change compared with the February poll is that supporters of the Greens now favour red earth more than red-blue. The centre-left model has also won more favour among supporters of the Centre Party and the Social Democrats.
      Supporters of the National Coalition Party overwhelmingly prefer a centre-right model, which has somewhat less support among Centre Party voters.
      When asked which parties should be included in the government, the most popular was the Centre Party (67 per cent) and the Social Democratic Party (61 per cent).
Half of the people would like to see the National Coalition Party and the Green League, which are now in opposition, to be in the government. One in three would like to see the Swedish People's Party and the Christian Democrats.
      One in four feel that the Left Alliance and the True Finns should be in the government.
      Supporters of the Centre feel that in addition to their own party, the government should include the Social Democrats, the National Coalition, and the Greens - in that order.
      Social Democratic voters see the Centre as the favourite partner for their party, followed by , the Greens, and the National Coalition Party. The preferrred parties of supporters of the National Coalition Party are the Centre, the Greens, the Swedish People's Party, and only then the Social Democrats.
      It would therefore seem that supporters of the SDP and the National Coalition tend to shun each other as government partners.
      The order of preference for supporters of the Left Alliance was the SDP, the Centre, and the Greens. Supporters of the Greens preferred the SDP, the Centre, and the National Coalition Party.
The poll involved telephone interviews of 2002 people taken between March 9th and 13th. Respondents represent a cross-section of voting-age Finns in all parts of Finland, with the exception of the Ă…land Islands.
      The margin of error is up to two percentage points in either direction.

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 Poll: Centre-SDP government overwhelming favourite

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