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Poll: Slim majority expect government without True Finns to stay in power

Only one in six True Finns supporters would have wanted party to compromise on EU

Poll: Slim majority expect government without True Finns to stay in power
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Two thirds of all supporters of the True Finns party, which catapulted itself to the third largest in Finland in last month’s Parliamentary elections, feel that the party made the right decision when it decided to remain in opposition.
      A fresh poll on Finnish attitudes toward the True Finns and their possible participation in government formation talks, found that half of voters of the Green League felt the same way. The poll was commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat and conducted by TNS Gallup.
      More than half of supporters of the Social Democratic Party and the Centre Party did not feel that the True Finns should have opted out of joining government formation talks.
True Finns vice chairman Vesa-Matti Saarakkala says that this suggests that views taken by the True Finns on social policy are close to those of the SDP and the Centre Party.
      “With the Greens, the background could be that they don’t want us in the government. However, the most important thing is that our own supporters should understand our decision”, Saarakkala says.
      He notes that the party earnestly explored the possibility of joining the next government, to the very end. “The Social Democrats decided the game with their own EU stance. There is no point in them crying about how the True Finns are not in the government.”
Half of all respondents would have wanted the True Finns to show enough flexibility on the EU issue to allow the party to at least take part in negotiations on the formation of a new government.
      Only 16 per cent of respondents who identified themselves as supporters of the True Finns felt that way.
      More than two thirds of supporters of the National Coalition Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Centre Party feel that the True Finns should have been more flexible.
A narrow majority (52 per cent) of respondents feel that a government formed without the True Finns can survive the four-year Parliamentary term.
      Saarakkala feels that 52 per cent is a “surprisingly” low figure.
      “It shows that the times are challenging and uncertain. Anything can happen to the euro and to Economic and Monetary Union.”

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 Poll: Slim majority expect government without True Finns to stay in power

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