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President Halonen in Nicaragua

Halonen receives honorary doctorate from rural local university

President Halonen in Nicaragua
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President Tarja Halonen and her husband Dr. Pentti Arajärvi are visiting Central America in late May and early June 2004. They first attended the EU-Latin America & the Caribbean Summit in Guadalajara, Mexico, and then continued to Nicaragua for a state visit on May 29-31. Halonen was granted an honorary doctorate on Sunday at a university where Finnish foreign aid is a major source of funding.
      The programme of President Halonen in Nicaragua also included a meeting with President Enrique Bolaños, visits to development cooperation projects being funded by Finland in Bluefields on the Caribbean coast, as well as an address to the national Parliament.
      In Bluefields, the local Uraccan University conferred on President Halonen an honorary doctorate on Sunday.
The speeches that were made reflected the close and warm relations that Finland and Nicaragua have achieved over the years. Finland has been involved in developing Nicaragua together with other aid providers for the past twenty years, and has signed EUR 15 million worth of cooperation agreements with the country in recent years.
      While listening to the Nicaraguans’ speeches praising Finland’s support and solidarity, President Halonen expressed a wish to see one of the Finnish development projects at close quarters.
Uraccan University’s Foreibca project is focusing on bilingual and multicultural education, and Finland is funding this project with EUR 2.5 million.
Bluefields is located in Nicaragua’s autonomic region, where people in six ethnic groups speak six different languages. The multilingual Foreibca project is expected to solve many of the problems arising from the administration of the young autonomous region.
      The final country on the President’s itinerary is Guatemala, which Halonen and her party will visit on 1-2 June. During the working visit she will meet President Oscar Berger and make a speech at a university in the capital, Guatemala City.

  The President of the Republic of Finland
  President Halonen in Central America
  Speech by President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen at the National Assembly of Nicaragua on 31 May 2004

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 President Halonen in Nicaragua

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