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Record-low temperature of -37.9°C measured in Finnish Lapland

It's going to be a chilly week

Record-low temperature of -37.9°C measured in Finnish Lapland
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Those of our more stubborn readers who have thus far refused to acknowledge the potential ferocity of the Finnish winter ("Oh, yes, well, I'll grant you that there's been a lot of snow, but it's not been exactly COLD, has it?") may get a chance this week to reappraise their position.
      It promises to be an extremely cold few days, with northerly winds bringing high pressure and sunny conditions, but causing the mercury to fall alarmingly.
A taste of what might be to come came on Sunday night, when the temperature fell to a new low for the current winter in Lapland.
      According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, a new record low of -37.9°C for 2010-2011 was measured at Kevojärvi in Utsjoki, Finland’s northernmost municipality, in the early hours of Monday morning.
The current winter’s previous record low of -37°C was also measured at Kevojärvi in mid-January. The all-time low temperature in Finland is still some distance away. This was recorded in Kittilä in Finnish Lapland in 1999, when the mercury dipped to minus 51.5 degrees Celsius.
      Nevertheless, the forecasters are suggesting we could see temperatures down to -40°C in the north in the course of this week.
It will not get quite that cold in southern districts of the country, but the word is that the figure of -25.5°C recorded in Vihti on Saturday night could easily be reached again during the coming few days.
      The sun is now sufficiently high in the sky and has enough power to reduce the effect by day by as much as 5 to 10 degrees, but the wind from the north and north-east will not make it feel very much warmer.

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 Record-low temperature of -37.9°C measured in Finnish Lapland

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