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Reform Party wins in Estonian election

Record turnout in Sunday's vote

Reform Party wins in Estonian election
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The centre-right Reform Party of Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip was the big winner in yesterday's Parliamentary elections in Estonia, winning 31 seats in the country's 101-member Parliament.
      The party increased its vote by more than 10 per cent, bringing it 12 more seats than it had in the outgoing Parliament.
      "The result shows that the people are doing well", said Prime Minister Ansip.
      The other main government party, the Centre Party, got 29 seats - an increase of one.
      "The voters have shown that they have confidence in Estonia's present political terrain", said Centre Party leader Edgar Savisaar. The Centre Party had been expecting much stronger gains.
      Prime Minister Ansip got more than 22,000 votes, which is significantly more than the 18,000 for Savisaar.
The opposition alliance of the Pro Patria and Res Publica parties got 19 seats, which is 16 fewer than in the previous election.
      The Social Democrats increased the number of seats they hold to ten. The third party in the current coalition, the People's Union, which has a solid base of support in the countryside, got six seats. Also winning six seats were the Greens, who were in the running for the first time.
      Voter turnout was 61 per cent, which is higher than in any previous election.

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  5.3.2007 - TODAY
 Reform Party wins in Estonian election

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