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Remains of Raija Juutila, missing since 1993, discovered in Kangasala

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The Pirkanmaan Police Department reported on Thursday that officers had found human remains from an industrial site in Kangasala in the course of a search on Wednesday.
      The skeleton is said to be that of Raija Juutila, who went missing in the summer of 1993 at the age of 44, and who has not been seen or heard of since.
      The identification was confirmed by comparison with the victim's dental records in a forensic examination.
Police forensic officers also confirmed that the body of the deceased had been subjected to violence, but the cause of her death and the means used are not being disclosed as yet for investigative reasons.
      The "cold case" of Raija Juutila's mysterious disappearance, something of a cause cĂ©lebre hereabouts, has been re-opened and has been under energetic investigation throughout the past autumn, and the individual suspected of her homicide, Juutila's then common-law husband, has been remanded in custody since the third week of November.
      The remains of the missing woman, naturally the missing piece in the jigsaw-puzzle of the murder investigation, were found buried in the ground on an industrial property owned by the same 66-year-old entrepreneur now in police custody.
According to police, the suspect actually speeded up the search process.
      Last week, officers planned an inch-by-inch combing of the property in question.
      When they asked the owner - in order to avoid causing undue disturbance in the search - to specify the items on the site and to suggest how certain things should be protected against damage, the suspect himself wished to report to the officers the precise area of the property that should be turned over.
      He nevertheless continues to deny the charges of homicide.

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 Remains of Raija Juutila, missing since 1993, discovered in Kangasala

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