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Results of matriculation examinations given to schools today

Results of matriculation examinations given to schools today
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Today is a big day for those who have taken their matriculation examinations this year in the hope of being able to wear the traditional white student cap at next year's May Eve celebrations.
      The excitement level has been building for some weeks, and today in thousands of Finnish families they will learn whether or not they are to receive the cap when schools break up for the summer (and for these "Abis" it will be the final end-of-term celebration) around two weeks from now.
The results of the spring 2009 matriculation examinations are to be released today - Friday, while all candidates will receive the information on how they have done by Monday at the latest.
      A total of 32,000 candidates able to complete the examination during this period participated in the matriculation examination this year.
      In comparison, the corresponding figure for 2008 was slightly higher, namely 32,700.
The number of new graduates is now likely to remain below 30,000.
      The Matriculation Examination Board has begun to send the results to schools early today. Each candidate is to receive his or her results from their own upper secondary school.
      Most of the headmasters of the upper secondary schools are to receive the results electronically, but to make sure, the prints of the results are also mailed to all upper secondary schools.
The schools also have an obligation to check the results before they are given to the candidates.
      ”If there are major discrepancies between the given grades and the preliminary test evaluation made at school, the Matriculation Examination Board has to be contacted”, says Anneli Roman, the Secretary General of the Matriculation Examination Board.
      Quite often there are differences one way or another between the internal and external marking, particularly in essays, where the style of the writing may appeal to one adjudicator but not to another.
For detailed information about the grades and corresponding points, see the www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi link below.
      HS.fi will publish the names of the new graduates on Monday May 26th at 8.00 a.m., when they are made public. The search service can be used to look for the new graduates by name, school, municipality, or province.
      The Matriculation Examination is held biannually, in spring and in autumn, in all Finnish upper secondary schools, at the same time.

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 Results of matriculation examinations given to schools today

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