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SATURDAY (just in case....)

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Many of our readers will I'm sure be aware, from spam emails circulating recently, that in the view of some people our time is up, and The Rapture and Judgement Day are scheduled to occur on Saturday 21st May, 2011.
      The Rapture - the taking up into heaven of God's elected people - will be followed exactly five months later in October by the end of the world as we know it, but in any event if Judgement Day does occur on Saturday, there are likely to be considerable interruptions to traffic and transport services, and also shops will not be opening on Sunday, or probably on Monday, either.
Again, should anything untoward happen in the course of Saturday - massive simultaneous earthquakes all over the planet, for instance - the International Edition will regrettably be unable to follow these breaking stories.
      Regrettably we do not have a list to provide you of the likely exceptions to bus, train, or Metro services or Alko opening times - not even in Finnish.
      We apologise for this grave lapse.
Just in case, we thank our readers for their attention since 1999, we are very sorry that we still never did get around to installing that keyword search function before the end-times came, and we'll all cross our fingers that we shall be back again on Monday as if nothing had happened.
      Perhaps the prediction made by Christian radio host Harold Camping of the Family Radio Christian Network is a bit off - like by a few thousand years.
We have no way of knowing for sure if Harold has got it right, but maybe the fact that many church leaders around the world have scheduled normal services of worship for Sunday, May 22nd is an indicator of sorts.
      Equally, the fact that the search term "End of the World May 21st" reached the top position on Google Trends suggests that some people aren't quite sure they will have to go to work as normal next week.
See you all on the other side!

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  20.5.2011 - TODAY
 SATURDAY (just in case....)

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