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Skin melanomas have become more common among Finns

Skin melanomas have become more common among Finns
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The number of individuals suffering from melanoma of the skin or a malignant tumor of melanocytes has increased in Finland.
      Based on the database maintained by the Finnish Cancer Registry, almost 1,200 new cases of melanoma of the skin were diagnosed in Finland in 2009. This indicates a growth of 18 per cent from the previous year.
According to the Cancer Registry, the more frequent occurrence of melanomas can be explained by both sunbathing and by the ageing of the population.
      The average age of those who fall ill with melanoma is 60 years. However, the disease is found even among younger people, as melanoma is the second most common cancer in the age group of 20-to-29-year-old women.
In order to prevent melanoma, it is advisable to protect the skin against continuous and regular exposure to the sun as well as against burning.
      Protection is important, as among all skin cancers, it is advanced melanoma that is quick to send metastases.
In 2009, a total of 180 individuals died of melanoma in Finland.
      According to the estimates of cancer societies, the prognosis of melanoma will improve in the coming years.
      Overall, 85 per cent of people with melanoma diagnosed five years ago are still alive today.

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 Skin melanomas have become more common among Finns

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