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Spotify opens office in Finland

Swedish streaming company aims to become largest distributor of digital music in Finland

Spotify opens office in Finland Öjje Holt
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The Swedish Internet-based music streaming service Spotify has opened an office in Helsinki.
      Spotify is already the largest distributor of digital music in Sweden and Norway, and the company aims to acquire the same status in Finland as well.
      “For us Finland is an attractive market area”, says Öjje Holt, managing director of Spotify Nordics. “The Finns are interested in paying for online content.”
      At least initially the five-person Finnish team will concentrate on advertising sales and co-branding.
      "Our aim is to include more Finnish artists and organise local campaigns, for example concerts”, Holt explains.
Spotify has grown steadily in Finland in recent years. “At the moment Spotify is responsible for the greatest growth in the digital markets”, says Tommi Kyyrä from IFPI Finland.
      According to the IFPI Finland statistics, the membership-fee-based music services grew during the first half of this year by 77 per cent compared with a year ago.
      The share of digital distribution of the total music sales in Finland is on the up, but at 22 per cent it is still reasonably low compared for example with Sweden, where during the first half of the year the sales of music in digital format exceeded the sales of physical recordings.
      In Finland piracy is more common than in the rest of the Nordic Countries, Kyyrä points out.
The number of Finnish Spotify users has doubled from a year ago.
      The numbers are on the up, in spite of the fact that the use of the advertising-funded free version of the service was restricted in the spring.
      Worldwide, there are more than ten million Spotify users, 15 per cent of whom pay a monthly fee.
      In addition to Finland, Sweden, and Norway, Spotify currently operates also in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Great Britain, and the United States.
      Next the company is planning to land in Denmark.

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 Spotify opens office in Finland

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