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THURSDAY: Road transport strike ends in negotiated settlement

Bus and coach services mostly back to normal by Friday morning

THURSDAY: Road transport strike ends in negotiated settlement
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The strike affecting bus and truck transport that began last Sunday has been settled. The Transport Workers' Union (AKT) and and the Road Transport Employers’ Association (ALT) both reported early on Thursday evening that they would accept the mediation proposal put forward on Wednesday by the National Conciliator Juhani Salonius.
      As a result bus and coach services are expected to pick up again during the evening, and it is anticipated that a full service will be available by Friday morning, thus bringing relief to commuters, particularly in the Greater Helsinki area.
      Waste disposal trucks will also be in action, and it was suggested that the backlog of trash in some locations could be cleared over the weekend.
The AKT Chairman Timo Räty stated that employees would begin to return to work already during the course of the evening, but that it would not be until Friday morning that something approaching a full service was available. According to ALT estimates, bus and coach traffic will be completely back to normal only by Monday.
The most difficult aspect of the dispute was one of the use of part-time labour behind the wheel.
      The mediated settlement offered by Salonius did not in fact bring any significant changes to the status quo, but the two parties have agreed on a set of ground rules for the future.
      The drivers have also secured a salary increase of slightly more than 6 per cent over two years. Timo Räty announced he was satisfied with the size of the increase, while his opposite number, the ALT Managing Director Hannu Parvela regarded the deal as an expensive one.
Further details in Friday's edition.

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 THURSDAY: Road transport strike ends in negotiated settlement

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