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Tamminiemi Museum to reopen next week

The villa’s original colour has been restored

Tamminiemi Museum to reopen next week Tamminiemi
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The Urho Kekkonen Museum Tamminiemi will re-open to the public on March 31st.
      The three-year renovation project of the estate is now finished and the opening ceremony of the completely restored Tamminiemi Villa will take place on Thursday of next week.
      The Museum will be re-inaugurated by the newly-elected President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö.
The Tamminiemi Villa, one of the official residences of the head of state between 1940 and 1981, served as President Urho Kekkonen’s official residence during his period in office in 1956-1981 and remained his home from his departure from office through ill-health until his death in August 1986.
      Soon after that the building was turned into a museum and opened to the public in December 1987.
      Now Tamminiemi’s interior has been restored to the way it was in the 1970s when President Kekkonen and his wife Sylvi Kekkonen lived there.
      The public will also have access to some never-before-seen spaces, such as the kitchen and the President’s hobby room.
      From the outside the building also looks different. The exterior plastering work of the Art Nouveau-style (Jugendstil) villa built in 1904 has been repaired and its colour and decorative motifs have been restored to their original splendour.
Aside from the Presidential Palace itself, the President of the Republic's official residence in Helsinki is today Mäntyniemi, a purpose-built complex completed in 1993 and first occupied, albeit briefly, by Kekkonen's successor Mauno Koivisto.
      Tamminiemi was originally built for and owned by the Danish-born businessman Jörgen Nissen, and was donated to the Finnish State in 1940 by the then owner, the publisher and arts patron Amos Anderson.

  National Board of Antiquities: Urho Kekkonen Museum Tamminiemi, Helsinki
  National Board of Antiquities: Urho Kekkonen Museum Tamminiemi reopens after renovation 31.3.2012
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 Tamminiemi Museum to reopen next week

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