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Threatened bank strike averted

Threat of bank strike averted

Threatened bank strike averted
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A threatened strike by bank personnel was averted on Tuesday evening when the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI) reluctantly agreed to a mediation proposal put forward by National Conciliator Esa Lonka.
      Under the settlement, pay hikes in the banking sector follow the lines of the broad-based framework agreement reached earlier this autumn. Pay is rising by 4.3 per cent in the coming 25 months. The new contract will take effect immediately.
The contract brings all employees an overall pay rise of 2.4 per cent. In December next year, there will be a 0.3 across-the-board hike, with another 1.6 per cent to be based on discussions with the employer.
      For the past three years banks have implemented a “pay discussion model”, in which the input of each employee has been assessed separately. The discussions determine whether or not the employee should get any extra pay on top of the across-the-board rise.
      Helsingin Sanomat has learned that the management side would have wanted the overall pay hike to account for only half of the whole pot.
“We would have wanted a larger part of the increase to be determined by the pay discussions”, says Pasi Kämäri, chairman of the FFI’s labour market committee.
      Antti Rinne, chairman of the white-collar Trade Union Pro disagreed.
      “This was not suitable for us. We would have wanted as much as possible in the overall pay rise”, Rinne says.
The cancellation of the strike brought the full implementation of the framework agreement one step closer. The deadline for the agreement is 4:00 PM Thursday.
      Helsingin Sanomat has learned that negotiations over harbour work and in road transport have become more difficult as the deadline approaches. The Confederation of Finnish Industry (EK) insists that the Finnish Transport Workers Union (AKT) must be within the framework.
      The frame would still need the involvement of the wholesale and retail sector and its approximately 200,000 employees. The executives of both the Federation of Finnish Commerce and the Service Union PAM are meeting on Wednesday afternoon. The aim is to present the outcome of recent negotiations.
      Negotiations are also still open in the chemical industry and the forest industry, where the outcome is expected no earlier than Thursday.
      Discussions with telecommunications operators are also expected to continue on Thursday afternoon.

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 Threatened bank strike averted

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