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Unusually difficult pollen season has also been noted in hospitals

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This spring, the pollen count has risen to exceptionally high levels in Finland, something that has been noted in hospitals and health care centres.
      Birch pollen has been troubling allergy sufferers particularly in Southern Finland.
      Allergologist Timo Helin from the Skin and Allergy Hospital of the Helsinki University Central Hospital reports that even those who do not usually exhibit any symptoms have now been suffering from nasal congestion.
      In addition, those who are already taking allergy medicine have difficulties to keep their symptoms moderate.
Some people have even had to take sick leave because of eyelid swelling, difficulties in breathing, a blocked nose, a rise in temperature, or fatigue.
      Allergy treatment products have also been in high demand from the country’s pharmacies.
      According to the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), the flowering of birch has been exceptionally abundant this year, as was predicted last month (see article).

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  The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)
  University of Turku, Aerobiology Unit - Pollen Report, 18.5.

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  18.5.2012 - TODAY
 Unusually difficult pollen season has also been noted in hospitals

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