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Valeri from Helsinki wins Russian Eurovision qualifier

Time off from school in May to go to Kiev

Valeri from Helsinki wins Russian Eurovision qualifier
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A couple of weeks ago, a Norwegian was selected to sing Finland’s entry at the 2005 Eurovision Song Competition. Hence it is probably only fitting that, when the Russian Eurovision qualifiers were completed last weekend, the winning song was composed by a Russian emigrĂ© living in Helsinki, and that his son was among the performers.
      Nobody Hurt No One was the runaway winner in the Russian qualifiers. One of the two main performers of the piece was 18-year-old Valeri Drobych, a pupil at the Vaskivuori Music High School in Vantaa. The number was composed by Valeri’s father Victor Drobych for Russian star Natalia Podolskaya.
The song proved to be the most popular with mobile phone voters across the entire Russian Federation area, and so Valeri Drobych will be taking time off school in May to travel to Kiev in Ukraine for the finals.
      Valeri’s mother Elena Drobych is an Ingrian Finn, one of those who were invited to "return home" during the 1990s. The family lived earlier in St. Petersburg, but moved to Finland when the opportunity arose around ten years ago - in part because of the better air quality and medical facilities here. Valeri suffered from chronic asthma at the time.
      Valeri has played the guitar for only three or four years, but clearly he has what it takes, since Natalia Podolskaya’s backing team wanted him as the only instrumentalist among the back-up vocalists on stage with the star.
      Even if Valeri’s parents live in Helsinki’s Pikku-Huopalahti district, they produce performers and compose music specifically for the Russian market.

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 Valeri from Helsinki wins Russian Eurovision qualifier

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