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Viivi Pumpanen crowned Miss Finland 2010

Viivi Pumpanen crowned Miss Finland 2010
Viivi Pumpanen crowned Miss Finland 2010
Viivi Pumpanen crowned Miss Finland 2010
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21-year-old Viivi Pumpanen from Vantaa was crowned Miss Finland 2010 during a live television broadcast from Helsinki on Sunday.
Pumpanen was a strong advance favourite right from the beginning, and she eventually triumphed over the competition, even though other contestants were starting to snap at her heels as the finals were approaching.
      Anne Nurminen from Helsinki was named the first runner-up. Singing The Beatles’ song All My Loving in the finals may have earned her some bonus votes.
      The second runner-up of the competition was Susanna Turja, also from Helsinki. She was also given the Miss Press award.
The Winner of the Miss Finland beauty pageant is 167 cm tall and weighs 52 kilos.
      For Viivi Pumpanen, the title means a dream come true.
      ”I have been dreaming about this since I was eight years old. My mother and father have been supporting me”, Pumpanen commented after the coronation ceremony.
      Pumpanen has plenty of previous experience of various beauty contests. Last year she was crowned Miss Helsinki. In addition, she is skilled in languages.
When the commercial television channel MTV interviewed the Miss Finland 2010 finalists, Viivi Pumpanen said that she would like to restore the prestige previously felt for the title.
      Pumpanen is dreaming of a healthy and happy family life.
      Viivi Pumpanen will represent Finland at the Miss Universe 2010 competition.

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 Viivi Pumpanen crowned Miss Finland 2010

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