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WHAT? Game developer seeks new employees

WHAT? Game developer seeks new employees
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Rovio Mobile is not a new start-up that emerged just a matter of months ago. It came into being in 2003 (as a company called Relude) after a trio of Helsinki University of Technology students had won a competition for mobile games arranged by Nokia and Hewlett-Packard.
For several years the company made games as a sub-contractor for other publishers, such as Electronic Arts. The name Rovio Mobile was adopted in 2005.
      Roughly a year ago, the Rovio team succeeded in developing a game around lead designer Jaakko Iisalo's ideas for furious bird figures willing to launch themselves via slingshot against pigs that had stolen their eggs.
Initial distribution was mainly among friends in Finland, and the game spread rapidly to Sweden, before it was taken up by the Apple Appstore in Britain in February of this year, after which things went ballistic very fast.
The company's turnover last year was of the order of EUR 1.6 million, but this year it will grow by leaps and bounds, and earlier losses will turn into profit.
      Net sales in 2011 are anticipated to exceed EUR 10 million.
Rovio Mobile currently employs 31 people, and a further 14 are being sought. The company expects its staff complement to go over 100 in the near future.
The touchscreen mobile game Angry Birds is Rovio's own brainchild. Chillingo, the runaway success's publisher and distributor for the iPhone and iPad, was recently bought out by Electronic Arts, but this will not affect the intellectual property rights accruing from the game itself. As Rovio was quick to point out: "We have not sold out. We have not sold to EA. We are Rovio. We own Angry Birds."
Helsingin Sanomat / First published in print 6.11.2010

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