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WHO? Aatos Erkko

WHO? Aatos Erkko
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Aatos Juho Michel Erkko (b. 16.9.1932) is the principal owner of SanomaWSOY. He stood down from the position of Chairman of the Board of SanomaWSOY in 2001.
Erkko lives in Helsinki and is married to Jane Erkko.
He started his career in Sanoma Corporation in 1953 as the editor-in-chief of Viikkosanomat. He was editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat from 1961-70, and President and CEO of Sanoma Corporation from 1965 to 1976. From 1972-1999 Erkko was also Chairman of the Sanoma Board, filling the same role with SanomaWSOY from 1999 to 2001, following the merger of Sanoma Corporation and publishers WSOY. The Group is the largest media company in the Nordic region.
Aatos Erkko is the son of Eljas Erkko (1895-1965) and the grandson of Eero Erkko (1860-1927). Eero Erkko was the founder of Helsingin Sanomat’s precursor Päivälehti (1889).
Erkko says his hobbies include steamships and military band music.
The Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation distributes funds to Finnish life and culture, and has for instance sponsored the creation of a chair in North American Studies at the University of Tampere.
In the town of Orimattila, there is an Erkko Upper Secondary School, which has courses specialising in the teaching of media studies.
In 2004, Aatos Erkko headed the Finnish tables in terms of taxable capital income, weighing in with EUR 44 million. He also topped the list for property subject to taxation, EUR 192 million.
Helsingin Sanomat / First published in print in the Nyt weekly supplement, 4.11.2005

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