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Warmer than average summer expected

Warmer than average summer expected
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The Finnish Meteorological Institute predicts that this summer will be warmer than average.
      According to the institute, the average temperature of the period from June to August will be between one and two degrees higher than average.
      Precise forecasts are not possible, nor can the weather forecasters give accurate advice on when it is a good idea to schedule a summer holiday.
“The forecast for the period does not give predictions for temperatures on specific days. The forecast is an average forecast, which does not give precise information on the weather for Midsummer week, for instance”, says meteorologist Niina Niinimäki of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.
      Niinimäki noted that last summer was an average of 1°C warmer than normal in the south of Finland, and about 0.5°C in the north.
It is not possible to make comparisons between actual weather conditions between last summer and this summer at this point.
      “The same average temperature can take place for an evenly warm summer, or for a summer where chilly and warm periods alternate”, Niinimäki says.

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 Warmer than average summer expected

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