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”Build camps for refugees, and only let educated people in” – Finns Party's Tom Packalén outlines his solutions to migrant crisis

David Mac Dougall
MP Tom Packalén: "Build camps for refugees"
MP Tom Packalén: "Build camps for refugees"
This week in HSTV Newsmakers: Is Finland doing too much for the refugees or not enough? In the aftermath of Paris attacks should we be concerned who comes over our borders? I will be discussing about these topics and more with finns party politician Tom Packalén.

Finns Party politician Tom Packalén says Finland should let educated asylum seekers stay in the country, as there is too great a risk uneducated people would become radicalised.

Speaking on HSTV's English-language current affairs show Newsmakers, Packalén said that Finland should follow Canada's example when it comes to refugees.

”They [Canada] take doctors, lawyers. It's much easier for educated people to learn new things" said the Helsinki MP. "But if you don't have even reading skills it's very difficult to fit into modern society.”

Referring to marginalised people as "dropouts" he asked "is it good to take people who don't fit in and will be radicalized?"

The former police officer, who has been a member of parliament since 2011, said that in his opinion, Finland was doing too much for refugees, without the infrastructure to support them.

An estimated 28 000 migrants have already arrived in the country this year, according to the immigration service. While emergency accommodation has been found for most people in in schools and old peoples' homes, and other temporary accommodation, some cities like Turku have run out of space and already resorted to putting migrants in tents.

Packalén said his solution would be to construction two or three large camps to house all the arriving migrants.

”In Finland we should build refugee camps... we should create these kinds of refugee camps near the border of Tornio. They could get food... they could stay there as long as the crisis is going on in the region”.

In recent weeks there has been a spate of criminal attacks on refugee reception centres, including two last weekend. Packalén condemned the attacks and said his party was ”totally against violence”. He also said that fellow Finns Party MP Olli Immonen ”sounded terrible” when he condemned multiculturalism in a July Facebook post. But Packalén insisted perhaps only 30 people out of Finland's total population were openly hostile to asylum seekers.

Security Concerns

In the aftermath of last weekend's deadly Paris terror attacks, the Finnish government announced increased border security, while the Immigration Service said it would more closely profile people applying for asylum, depending on their background.

However Packalén dismissed these checks as impossible to carry out. ”If they are jihadis from some jihadist movements, we don't have any information” with authorities having no sources in Iraq or Syria.

Packalén's said he believes there is "a huge danger" that asylum seekers arriving in Finland could have been members of ISIS or another radical group in their homelands.

”The worst case scenario is that they use weapons of mass destruction”, he speculated, but conceded it was more likely that Finland could be caught up in a complex, coordinated multi-location attack that spanned several different countries, similar to the way the Paris attackers hit several different locations in the city at the same time.

”I predict this could happen in Finland”.

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