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Defence Forces deny deliberate budget violations

According to Aamulehti, the Finnish Defence Forces has violated the State Budget Act. THE NATIONAL Audit Office has reprimanded the Finnish Defence Forces for incurring new obligations, worth 19.1 million euros, against expired budget authority. Carl Haglund (SFP), the Minister of Defence, told STT that he has requested a report from the Defence Forces on the matter and that he will not comment on it further until receiving the report.

10.12.2013 18:46

The Defence Command has denied deliberately violating the State Budget Act. “We do not subscribe to these claims. In our view, there has been no budget overrun,” controller Tuomas Isoranta told Helsingin Sanomat on Sunday.

Isoranta points out that appropriations prescribed for specific purchases can be later re-allocated within the system, which today contains roughly 15,000 audit trail entries – that is, effectively, expenditure items. According to him, some misplaced entries may have cluttered the system.

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