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Vicar sees no peril in combined religious instruction

Combining religious and ethics education at schools could at best dispel prejudices, views Markku Rautiainen, the vicar of the Herttoniemi parish in Helsinki. “I see no peril in that, because religious education at schools is not denominational and entails no religious activities,” Rautiainen explains. Helsingin Sanomat wrote on Monday that several schools in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are currently considering combining religious and ethics studies.

28.1.2014 10:37

The first school to offer a class combining religion and ethics was the Kulosaari Secondary School in Helsinki. The district is part of the Herttoniemi parish watched over by Rautiainen.

In addition, the Munkkiniemi School is currently mulling over combining religious instruction with ethics. Similarly, experts in education in Espoo and Vantaa have recently become interested in the leeway provided by the national curriculum.

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