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Data-stealing malware detected on Haglund's website

Following the news that his website was taken down due to a data-stealing malware on Wednesday, Carl Haglund (SFP), the Minister of Defence, has revealed that his personal website has been subjected to repeated malware attacks. Last year alone, the minister told Helsingin Sanomat, three viruses were detected on the website. “In light of today's events, it looks like it's not a coincidence. This seems organised,” Haglund viewed.

5.3.2014 20:56

F-Secure, an anti-virus vendor, believes the virus to have originated in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Haglund estimates that his website has been targeted by malware due to his position as the cabinet minister responsible for cyber-security issues. “This is an indication of the kind of world we live in. A group or a party has probably wanted to show off their skills,” he said.

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