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Finns recycle less than other EU citizens

Last year, only one-third of the municipal waste produced in Finland was recycled – less than in any other western European country. With the recycling of materials only decreasing in Finland and Norway in the 21st century, Finland is an exception among other member states of the European Union, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) highlights. “We're far behind our recycling goal. These figures do not show Finland in a favourable light,” states professor Jyri Seppälä from Syke.

27.3.2014 10:24

In light of statistics, Finland has fallen behind France, Italy and Spain in the recycling of materials.

The reason behind the waning recycling boom is waste incineration. Finland awoke belatedly to the European Union's plan to reduce the land-filling of biodegradable municipal waste by 2016 and rather than uncertain recycling campaigns has sought to rise to the challenge by promoting the incineration of waste.

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