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Kesko closes eight Anttila stores, mulls new cuts

Retailer Kesko has announced that it will shut down eight Anttila department stores operating in rented premises. According to a bulletin released on Monday, the stores to be closed are Anttila Espoonlahti, Espoo Sello, Hämeenlinna Tiiriö, Kerava, Kouvola centre, Vantaa Myyrmanni, Turku Kivikukkaro and Turku Skanssi. The stores provide employment to a total of roughly 210 people. In addition, Kesko will reduce a maximum of 25 jobs at the remaining 22 Anttila department stores.

31.3.2014 10:12

Some of the personnel reductions will be realised through lay-offs, some through contractual arrangements and some through temporary lay-offs, the retailer says.

On Monday, Kesko also announced that it will launch consultative negotiations in its Kodin1 chain and in the centralised operations of Anttila and K-citymarket. At present, the Kodin1 department stores Helsinki Ruoholahti, Kuopio Kolmisoppi, Tampere Lielahti and Lappeenranta are set to close within two years. The Kodin1 department store chain will thereby comprise eight department stores.

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