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Professors question Karhinen's comments

Professors have criticised Reijo Karhinen, the CEO of OP-Pohjola, for accusing policy-makers, corporate executives and the media for whipping up economic anxiety among Finnish consumers. Karhinen, the professors argue, conveniently neglects his own contribution to the economic climate and is guilty of oversimplifying the issue. “Finns have been talked into being overcautious,” Karhinen declared in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat on 30 April.

4.5.2014 12:09

Karhinen, on the one hand, acknowledged the merits of preparing Finns for the structural reforms but, on the other, argued that the tone of policy-makers should have changed immediately after the framework session in order to restore confidence in Finland. The national economy, he insisted, would be doing considerably better if the scaremongering stopped.

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