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Pension bosses urge Finns to invest in shares

It is crucial to encourage Finns to invest in stock markets, underscore the chief executives at mutual pension insurance companies Varma and Ilmarinen. Timo Ritakallio, the deputy CEO at Ilmarinen, believes the exemption of up to 5,000 euros in dividend income of taxes would be an effective incentive and encourage as many as one million people to invest in stock markets.

10.5.2014 16:48

“The limit could be lower – 3,000 euros, for example. The main thing is to offer an incentive for people to invest in shares,” he stresses.

Ritakallio and Risto Murto, the CEO of Varma, on Friday participated in a seminar organised by the Helsinki Stock Exchange to consider measures to improve the operational preconditions for capital markets in Finland.

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