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Four electric buses travel the roads of Espoo

The streets of Espoo have now twice the amount of electric buses as compared to the spring season. Passengers can ride four different vehicles on the Friisilänaukio and Tapiola line of 11 and the Jorvi bus line of 31. Electric buses are in test use for the next year-and-a-half.

12.7.2014 7:12

The most recent test buses, i.e. the electric buses of the Chinese BYD and Dutch VDL arrived in Espoo about two weeks ago.

The buses of the Chinese-Dutch Ebusco and Portuguese Caetano were driven for line 11 in the spring.

Initially the Finnish winter was merciless on the Portuguese bus. "One has to applaud the Portuguese. They have learnt a lot along the way, and the bus has been driven more in the last week than its entire first year," says Manager of Veolia Transport Finland Sven Nyholm.

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