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Finlayson sets its sights on Japan

Sachiko Imaizumi, an import agent for Finlayson in Japan, has a clear idea of why Finnish design is so popular in Japan. “The simplicity and dynamism of Finnish design appeal to the Japanese because it's different from Japanese design. Finnish design is treasured,” she says. Imaizumi has had a crucial role in the success of Finlayson in obtaining licensing agreements in Japan, her company, Plus Licens & Design Tokyo, being the primary partner of the traditional Finnish textiles manufacturer in the country.

21.8.2014 4:57

Since last October, when the first licensing agreement was signed, a total of 12 Japanese companies have obtained rights to use Finlayson designs in their products. The first such products were launched in Japan early this year and, according to Imaizumi, the early sales have been strong.

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