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Apples in grocery stores may date back a year

Many people know that the cheaper European apples available in stores may not be fresh, but dating back to last year? Apples mature in Europe during the autumn. Stores wish to provide apples to consumers all through the year, which is why they remain in stock for long time periods. If one purchases a European apple during July-August, it dates back to last year, says Hannu Salo from Hedelmän- ja marjanviljelijäin liitto (Fruit and Berry Farmers' Union).

20.9.2014 7:21

European harvests are finally making it to stores, but shelves also contain last year's stock.

"At the moment they contain both. We hardly purchase old crops," says Product Quality Manager of fresh fruit and vegetables at SOK Tanja Talvenheimo.

According to Talvenheimo, it is rare for apples that have been in stock for over a year to be sold.

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