Teen gang in robbery and assault spree

A street gang consisting of 13—18-year-old youngsters is believed to have committed over 70 assaults or robberies against children and young people in the capital region. Chief inspector Tuomo Lotta reveals that roughly a dozen youngsters have been brought into custody and four detained in the course of the pre-trial investigation. “And today, on Tuesday, the police demanded that an additional three 15—17-year-old youngsters be detained over last weekend's events.”

8.10.2014 15:38

First reports of the assaults and robberies, which have taken place primarily in Alppipuisto, Espoo and near Heureka, were filed late this summer.

The perpetrators have used weapons, including knives and an airsoft gun, in the attacks and at times inflicted serious injuries on their victims. The police have yet to establish a clear motive for the acts.

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