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Kela's views on care reform stir unease

A statement issued last week by the management team of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) has stirred unease among the Parliament-appointed trustees overseeing its operations. In particular, representatives of left-wing parties have expressed their bewilderment at how director-general Liisa Hyssälä and directors Helena Pesola and Mikael Forss advocate in the name of Kela a greater role for private service providers than what has been outlined by a parliamentary working group as the basis for the reform of the social welfare and health care system.

9.10.2014 6:36

“The statement made by Kela directors does not reflect the shared vision of the parliamentary steering group and political parties on how social and health services should be organised and produced in Finland in the future,” Kari Rajamäki (SDP) stated on Tuesday.

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