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Kumu drums up interest in US

Local drum-maker has exhausted the local drum market. PEKKA Helanen has quietly drummed up interest in his hand-crafted Kumu Drums in the United States, most recently at the Hollywood Drum Show in mid-October. "Last spring, I took part in the Chicago Drum Show, and the reception was so positive that I decided to also go to Hollywood," he says.

15.11.2014 7:02

When Helanen began studying the art of drum-making in the early 1980s, he faced a fundamental problem: how does one build a drum shell?

As incredulous as it may sound, no one in Finland – a country so reliant on its forest and paper industry – seemed to know how plywood is moulded into a suitable cylinder. "I asked for advice from the wood engineers at VTT [the Technical Research Centre of Finland], but the answers I received were rather weird, of no use," describes Helanen.

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