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Rinne: No reason to doubt Greece's commitment to euro

Antti Rinne (SDP), the Minister of Finance, insists that there is no reason to question the commitment of Greece to its agreements with lenders. Any speculation on the debt-repayment schedule of the country is therefore unwarranted, according to Rinne. “It would be premature to revise interest rates or maturities,” he views.

Julkaistu: 6.1.2015 11:19

Olli Rehn (Centre), a Member of the European Parliament and a former European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, has contrastively proposed that Greece's repayment deadline be pushed back.

Greece is currently three weeks away from a snap election in which Syriza, a radical leftist coalition, is expected to seize power, according to recent opinion polls. Syriza has expressed its opposition to the stringent austerity measures adopted by Greece and its willingness to re-negotiate the terms of the country's bailout programme.

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