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Insurance prices up by a third in five years

Have you recently found yourself puzzled by the cost of your insurance policy? Many have, for insurance costs have gone up sharply. Health insurance costs have surged by 32 per cent over the past five years – meaning that if you paid 600 euros for the health insurance policies of your children in 2010, today they may cost you up to 800 euros.

10.2.2015 14:30

Home insurance costs have increased similarly, by 29 per cent. Meanwhile, consumer prices have only crept up by nine per cent.

Insurance firms have explained the price hikes with a number of reasons.

“The hikes in home insurance costs are due to a number of factors. A few unusual storms have taken place and caused tens of millions of euros in damage. Pipe leaks also seem to cause more and more damage,” explains Jari Sundström, the managing director at LähiTapiola.

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