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Sipilä: “Everyone has made mistakes”

Everyone will have to compromise – except maybe for agricultural entrepreneurs, who have already suffered disproportionately. This is how one could summarise the views of Juha Sipilä, the chairperson of the Centre Party, on the measures Finland must adopt during the next electoral term. The opposition leader has repeatedly emphasised on the campaign trail that no one should expect to get off easy.

2.4.2015 8:33

“The agricultural sector has already had to pay,” he argues, citing the restrictions enforced by Russia on milk imports as an example.

The poll favourite does not subscribe to the view that Finland should give up its attempts to ensure the entire country remains inhabited. The objective is so dear to the Centre Party that it can be considered a political taboo, for only few policy-makers, regardless of their political orientation, have dared to call it into question.

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