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S Group announces further food price cuts

The price competition between grocery shop chains continues to heat up, with S Group announcing on Wednesday that it has reduced the prices of roughly 400 grocery items at S-Markets and roughly 200 items at Alepa corner shops. In addition, the retail cooperative will lower the prices of some 400 grocery items at Prisma hypermarkets.

7.5.2015 6:30

S-Markets on Wednesday lowered the price of Oltermanni cheese from 5.79 to 4.95 euros per kilo and that of a bag of Vaasan Ruispalat rye bread from 1.39 to 0.98 euros.

S Group launched its widely-publicised price reduction campaign at Prisma hypermarkets in January, prompting rivals Lidl and Kesko to also lower their prices. “None of the prices lowered in January have or will be raised,” affirmed Ilkka Alarotu, the head of assortments and pricing at S Group.

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