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Christian aid organisations confused by Soini's refugee remark

Christian-based aid organisations have voiced their bemusement with the comments of Timo Soini (PS), the Minister for Foreign Affairs, on refugee policy. Soini in his blog and in an interview with STT urged Finland to take Christians and Yazidis into consideration in selecting refugees from Syria. When asked by STT whether Christians and Yazidis should be granted preferential treatment under the refugee policy, he said: “We'll figure that out in time.”

8.9.2015 8:53

The Minister for Foreign Affairs justified his views with the persecution of Christians and Yazidis by ISIS and, in his blog, described Christians as “the largest persecuted group in the world”.

Rolf Steffansson, the director of the department of international co-operation at the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, believes Soini is deliberately calling attention only to some human rights issues. “Why would you juxtapose the human rights of different groups? My first thought was that this is an attempt to muddle the debate as we're supposed to be talking about our duties in the refugee crisis,” he said.

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