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Professors: Climate accord to boost Finnish exports

The climate accord adopted in Paris on Saturday will improve the competitiveness of Finnish industries, predicts Markku Ollikainen, a professor of environmental and resource economics. The first universal and legally binding climate accord in the world will commit its signatories to limit global warming below the critical target of 2.0 degrees – or 1.5 degrees, if possible – above pre-industrial levels.

Julkaistu: 15.12.2015 5:42

The accord will according to Ollikainen boost the competitiveness of Finland relative to the rival economies that have yet to adopt an active climate policy.

The metals industry will be one of the beneficiaries: “China has cranked out cheap steel produced with extremely emissions-intensive technologies to the markets of Europe and the United States. The price of the steel it produces will creep up now that it has to invest in reducing the emissions,” explains Ollikainen.

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