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Jolla to continue its operations after securing investment

Jolla is again in a position to continue its operations after successfully concluding its third capital investment round and having reportedly set its sights on several licensing deals. The boutique software developer declined to comment on the value of the financing agreement. “The investment is part of a larger financing arrangement we're discussing with investors. That's why the value of the investment has not been disclosed,” explains Juhani Lassila, the head of communications at Jolla.

Julkaistu: 21.12.2015 4:40

“Jolla has now successfully completed its investment round and is ready to continue to provide a true mobile OS alternative to the world. This latest death valley was the most difficult one but proved that highly-motivated teams can win even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges,” Antti Saarnio, the board chairman at Jolla, states in a press release.

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