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Anneli Auer cleared of murder charges after six years

Anneli Auer was cleared of all accusations regarding the unsolved murder of her husband in Ulvila in 2006 shortly after 8am on Friday. The Supreme Court of Finland announced that it has turned down applications for leave to appeal from both the prosecution and plaintiffs against a decision by the Vaasa Court of Appeal to acquit Auer of the offence. The acquittal will therefore enter into force and set the final seal on the protracted murder trial.

21.12.2015 5:20

Auer was the primary suspect in the murder of her husband for over six years.

“The mood is naturally jubilant and satisfied. I do have to remind in true Finnish fashion that [the process] has robbed almost ten years of Anneli Auer's life and effectively destroyed it. Everything is relative, but above all we feel relieved and satisfied,” said Juha Manner, who has represented Auer throughout the criminal process.

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