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Two directives, two different approaches

Finland intends to disregard the proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive that would prohibit the acquisition and possession of certain military-style firearms by individuals, Jussi Niinistö (PS), the Minister of Defence, declared on 15 December. Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner (Centre), in turn, conceded on Saturday that the country “must defer to the EU” and open road freight transport services to competition, despite fierce protests from the domestic transport and logistics sector.

Julkaistu: 22.12.2015 3:57

Transport and logistics unions have voiced their concerns that the allowance of lorries from countries with lower labour costs into Finland could steal jobs from their members.

Both of the stipulations are based on a directive adopted by the European Union. Why is Finland willing to comply with one directive and adamant to disregard the other? Is it possible that firearms are more important to Finns than the jobs of lorry drivers?

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