Foreign-language speakers to account for almost 25% of Helsinki's population

Helsinki is expecting a massive influx of immigrants. A forecast drawn up by the municipalities of the capital region indicates that the foreign-language population of Helsinki will grow by 80,000–85,000 by 2030. Nearly one-fourth, or 23 per cent, of the population is consequently forecast to speak other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami as their mother tongue.

30.12.2015 4:55

The share of foreign-language speakers of the population of Helsinki stood at 13.5 per cent at the beginning of this year, with Russian, Estonian, Somali and English speakers being the largest groups foreign-language speakers.

Arabic, in particular, is projected to become a greater feature of the urban landscape. Helsinki will according to the forecast be home to as many as 32,000 people who speak Middle Eastern or Northern African languages – such as Arabic or Kurdish – as their mother tongue by 2030, representing a three-fold increase from the current situation.

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