AMBIENT CITY - Kotimaa |


12.9.1994 3:00

6.00 Nocturnal Emission, Blasphemous Rumours. Muslimgauze, Hamas Arc. 8.00 Eno Brian, Discreet Music. Terry Riley, Descending Moonshine Dervishes. 10.00 TG, Lovely Music. 12.00 Eno Brian - Harold Budd, The Pearl Kirlian. 14.00 DJ Jokke, 1. 16.00 Atom Heart. Muslimgauze, Zealot 2. 18.00 Steve Reich, Drumming parts I-III, Fred Gianelli, Ambient City PT2. 20.00 Robert Fripp/Brian Eno, No Pussyfooting. Q, Metri. 22.00 Alvin Lucier, Music on a long thin wire I-IV. ä William S. Burroughs, Break through in Grey Room. 6.00 zzz Compilation, Fifty Years of Sunshine 1/100 Micrograms. zzz Compilation, Chillout Phase Two 2.

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