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18.00 From Monkeys to Apes: The...

31.10.1994 2:00

18.00 From Monkeys to Apes: The Forest Men. 18.30 Wild Sanctuaries: Waza. 19.00 A Traveller's Guide to the Orient: India - The Timeless Land. 19.30 The New Explorers: Test Tube Zoo. 20.00 Beyond 2000. 21.00 Lifeboat. 21.30 The Secret of Treasure Islands: Aruba; The Devil and the Cross. 22.00 Wildside: Beaty and the Beasts. 23.00 Disappearing World: The Kallasha - Rites of Spirit. 24.00 Search of Adventure: Taputapua - Sharks of Polynesia. 1.00 Secret Weapons: Hide and Seek. 1.30-2.00 Spirit of Survival: The Captain who Stayed til the End.

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