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14.00 Travelview International...

17.6.1995 3:00

14.00 Travelview International: Southern California. 14.30 Mysterious Places: The Ancient Mysteries of Land's End. 15.00 Challenge: The Walkabout. 15.30 Earth Journeys: Trips That Help Wildlife. 16.00 On the Road to the Islands: Burgh, Drake's & St. George's. 16.30 On Top of the World: Islands of the Caribbean. 17.00 The Travel Magazine: Rome, Scotland, Barbados & Apollos Temple. 17.30 Bon Voyage: White Water Rafting & Thailand Elephant Trek. 18.00 Gardens of the World: Formal Gardens. 18.30 Travel America: Nashville. 19.00 Above and Below: Argentina. 19.30 Journey to Adventure: China. 20.00 The Travel Magazine. 20.30 Travelview International. 21.00 Challenge. 21.30 The Ocean World of John Stoneman: Od Whales and Men. 22.00 Earth Journeys. 22.30 On the Road to the Islands. 23.00 Earth Quest: Rafting the Grand Canyon. 24.00 On Top of the World. 0.30 Holiday Australia. 1.00 Mysterious Places. 1.30-2.00 Above and Below.

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