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11.3.1996 2:00

9.30 Alpine Skiing: World Cup in Lillehammar, Norway. (R) 11.30 Athletics: European Indoor Championships from Stockholm, Sweden. (R) 13.30 Boxing: Baker (GB) - Amer (GB). To be announced: Scott (GB) - Knowles (USA). (R) 14.30 Formula 1: Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne. (R) 16.00 Snooker: European Open, Malta. The European Open held between 1st and 5th March in Malta. 19.00 Speedworld: A weekly magazine. Today: Mountain Dew, Nascar. Andros Trophy season review. 20.55 Eurosport News. 21.00 Football: Eurogoals: some highlights from one or two big matches, especially Ajax Amsterdam's matches. 21.55 Eurosport News. 22.00 Tennis: ATP Tournament - Newsweek Champions Cup, Indian Wells. First day. 1.30-2.30 Eurogolf.

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